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River Eden - Mallerstang - Kirkby Stephen The young River Eden in the Mallerstang Valley near Kirkby Stephen

I did previously say that as my main blogging activities are elsewhere I wouldn’t be writing much here. As time passed, however, I realised that I didn’t have a site on which simply to write about subjects that catch my attention from time to time across a broad spectrum of life. So here it now is. There won’t be anything like a discipline of writing posts every day, or even every week or month. I’ll simply write as topics catch my attention and I have the time. Now and again I’ll provide links to my other sites, such as:

>>  Around-England
>>  The Lake District in Books
>>  Lake District Accommodation

All of these are at present in need of some updating. Along with my other sites they were rather neglected while I was unwell in the second half of 2013, and various circumstances have slowed down their resurrection. However, at least 95% of what’s there is still valid.

– David –