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Back from Romania

Having just returned from a lecturing and preaching trip to Romania (my first time there for more than decade) I’m taking things a little easier just now and have only four preaching commitments in November. They’re all in our home church so there’s no travel involved, but the subject matter is quite challenging.

The Romania trip was really excellent. Its principal purpose was a conference organised by students at the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca on the subject of public integrity and anti-corruption. The young people were fantastic. The only disappointment was expressed to me by one middle-aged gentleman who said, “Why are there not more people of my age here discussing these issues?” The young people, though, give real hope for the future although they will face enormous challenges in a society characterised by widespread lack of trust.

The visit finished with preaching twice on the Sunday at two churches, one in the city and another in a smaller town some thirty miles away. Compared to what I’m used to at home in the north of England the congregations were large: almost 900 in the morning and approaching 300 in the evening. A great day.

As the years go by the overseas trips become increasingly tiring. I really enjoy them, and people say that they do some good, but if they’re to continue I’ll need to spread them out thinly through the year. My overall September-November programme has been a bit too hectic. (One day I’ll learn not to take on too much! – Hopefully!)

In earlier October, when the weather was temporarily a bit better after a wet summer, I managed to grab a few days out with my camera in the Lake District. Some of the results are at:

That’s all for now.

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